Lash Service Testimonials

NovaLash London Volume

“I cannot live without my lashes! I love how full and dramatic they look, but love knowing my lashes are growing healthy. I have had bad experiences before with lashes, but I love the dedication and passion Jessica has for the lash industry.” -Kaleigh

NovaLash American Volume

“I couldn’t believe I fell asleep during my appointment. I was so comfortable. I loved the lashes after and loved the thorough instructions for aftercare I was provided with. There was no discomfort, reaction, or any issues I had read about in the magazines.”    -Jodie

NovaLash Classic Lashes

I will only get lashes at CPC. Jessica is so gentle and I don’t even feel a thing. I looked into brands and found Jessica on I LOVE what lashes do for my mornings, I get to sleep in. The best part is I actually save money because I don’t use as much eye makeup and I only have to go in once a month for fills.”    -Tracy