The 411 on Triptych Contents

NovaLash Triptych's contain the following: 1.) 3 complimenting colors of cream eye shadow pots 2.) JETliner eye liner 3.) Dual end application brush What's the real deal with them? NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptychs are a semi permanent cream formula designed to be an "extended wear" cosmetic. Let me tell you, these eliminate the … Continue reading The 411 on Triptych Contents

They Won How Many?

From a client stand point one thing that I find helpful in deciding brands is reviews but I also like to see if they have won any awards. Why? That means those companies back up that company or product. Many beauty industry communities have awards like Launch Pad and Behind the Chair. Novalash had the … Continue reading They Won How Many?

Aftercare NEEDS You

So you have gotten your amazing eyelash extensions, you love them and feel confident. Every mirror you walk by you cannot help but to look at yourself. But now what?! Every brand has different aftercare rules. Some say no water, must use oil free products, sleep propped up, use strong chemicals to clean your lashes, … Continue reading Aftercare NEEDS You