1 Thing, Puts the Damper on Spring

Spring is here, and as all that dry, winter snow melts & the temperature rises... but the humidity is still lacking. So how does that put a damper on spring? Remember that lash cycle we've discussed before? (if you missed it, click here) That weather change to spring affects your lash cycle & it's completely … Continue reading 1 Thing, Puts the Damper on Spring

10 Things You Want to See

Eyelash extensions are an investment. You don't want to waste your money or your time, because a full set can take more than 45 minutes... more like 2 hours. Clients should know what to look for when it comes to seeing a new Lash Stylist. Over the past year I have come across quite a … Continue reading 10 Things You Want to See

What’s Your Type?

So you're finally ready to get eyelash extensions. You've done your research and you get ready to make the phone call to book the appointment. You call to find out that there are actually choices of what you can choose. Some are tricky to understand so why don't we go over them... Party Lashes... aka … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

All These Titles? Are They Backed Up?

Titles and certification go hand in hand within the beauty industry. Unfortunately, I can order a stack of business cards throw on them that I am a "Senior Artist", "Master Colorist", "Supreme Cut and Style Expert" and why not add "Nail Polish Specialist". It is quite easy just to have an ego and make yourself … Continue reading All These Titles? Are They Backed Up?