Top 10 Posts of the Year

The time of reflection has arrived as we get ready for 2020. I look back and really am proud of my 2019. I had ups and downs and learned A LOT! I thought it would be fun to look back at the TOP 10 POSTS of 2019 on Color Pins Curls. 10.) Is The LightContinue reading “Top 10 Posts of the Year”

The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Recently, there have been many articles circulating the internet about Demodex mites. Specifically these have been about how Demodex are associated with eyelash extension services. As a professional in the lash industry, I wanted to add some information to the Demodex conversation. Let’s begin with discussing the Demodex facts with lashes that are true: •Continue reading “The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex”

5 Reasons Why I Celebrated #InternationalWomensDay

I will start off by admitting I never even knew this was a thing. But today not only did I participate but I celebrated the movement. I am writing this post at night because I have spent all day thinking of what this day even means. To me International Women’s Day is, celebrating the accomplishmentsContinue reading “5 Reasons Why I Celebrated #InternationalWomensDay”