My HONEST London Volume Review

As soon as NovaLash launched the London Volume training July 1, I knew I had to sign up immediately. Who doesn’t want more volume… and to be one of the first to offer the newest technique. So here’s what I thought about the London Volume online course! (Side note: I also did a quick reviewContinue reading “My HONEST London Volume Review”

My Machine Brow Experience

As you can see in this post’s main photo above, my brows were sad little sisters. I have already introduced you to machine brows, so let’s get into my machine brow experience… I had already viewed Melina’s work so I know she is one of the best in Livingston County. Seriously, look into the professional youContinue reading “My Machine Brow Experience”

Meet Your Dry Ends Bestie

Are you someone who embraces not washing your hair daily and are highly dependent on dry shampoo? Join the club! With those who have chosen this lifestyle one issue I run into is getting dry ends and frizz as soon as I step outside. The days go on and my hair gains confidence, or someContinue reading “Meet Your Dry Ends Bestie”