Why Clients Love Their NovaLash Retention

With a little lash obsession and dedication, I have become a full time lash stylist. I would say achieving that in less than 2 years is a success story. The biggest part of becoming a successful lash stylist in my eyes, is the clientele a professional has. Happy clients means happy business. So... I started … Continue reading Why Clients Love Their NovaLash Retention

Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

Have you ever gone to fluff your lashes & notice your lashes are sticking? Before you contact your Lash Stylist, let's go over a few things... that are not Lash Stylist error when it comes to sticking. A good lash adhesive can be waterproof and oil resistant, like NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives! But it is not … Continue reading Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!