Top 10 Posts of the Year

The time of reflection has arrived as we get ready for 2020. I look back and really am proud of my 2019. I had ups and downs and learned A LOT! I thought it would be fun to look back at the TOP 10 POSTS of 2019 on Color Pins Curls. 10.) Is The LightContinue reading “Top 10 Posts of the Year”

MUST HAVE Eye Makeup from Summer 2019!

Trends are always changing. Especially with makeup. From colors to wear type you can really become overwhelmed and break your bank with no self control. What if I told you a little secret? I know a multi-collection of products that is not only for & available to professional makeup artists, but for all makeup lovers.Continue reading “MUST HAVE Eye Makeup from Summer 2019!”

Lash Babe of September

It’s almost time for fall which always reminds me of when I started my lash journey 2 years ago. When I look back at all of the accomplishments I have had, one special person always comes to mind. She has always been honest, helpful, supportive… I could go on. She also can translate any scienceContinue reading “Lash Babe of September”