I Stand Behind My Brand, #itsnovalashornothing

Yesterday I went into a little detail of types of certification and what I would avoid as a professional who wants to perfect her craft of lash extensions. So today, I will describe the certification and beyond that I have done. To start off I had a set of lashes put on after I graduated … Continue reading I Stand Behind My Brand, #itsnovalashornothing

Online Videos, Hair Shows, Certifications… OH MY!

Over the past few months I have been really looking at certifications of eyelash extension companies and boy, have I learned a lot! I have already mentioned how you should ask your lash artist questions before you let them perform the service but let's go into¬† little more detail of it. Most reputable brands say … Continue reading Online Videos, Hair Shows, Certifications… OH MY!

It’s Novalash or Nothing!!!

Time for a personal story... You get eyelash extensions you are told how great they look by the lash artist you go home. You get a few compliments about them. You notice there is some irritation but figure, "Hey, I probably am just sensitive". So you decide to go for a fill. You've read about … Continue reading It’s Novalash or Nothing!!!

They Won How Many?

From a client stand point one thing that I find helpful in deciding brands is reviews but I also like to see if they have won any awards. Why? That means those companies back up that company or product. Many beauty industry communities have awards like Launch Pad and Behind the Chair. Novalash had the … Continue reading They Won How Many?