My Mascara Frustrations Have Disappeared!

Mascara is a popular staple for anyone who loves makeup and wants to bring focus to their eyes. There are so many brands out there to choose from. And everyone has their favorite brand. So, let's talk about my journey to finding the ONE. I have sensitive eyes and try to avoid cosmetics that cause … Continue reading My Mascara Frustrations Have Disappeared!

Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

NovaLash has so many amazing products to choose from when it comes to what clients have available to them. That is why choosing a place that carries retail is important. Brands create these products to specifically work with their other products to make sure clients stay happy and in love with their lashes. To make … Continue reading Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

Aftercare NEEDS You

So you have gotten your amazing eyelash extensions, you love them and feel confident. Every mirror you walk by you cannot help but to look at yourself. But now what?! Every brand has different aftercare rules. Some say no water, must use oil free products, sleep propped up, use strong chemicals to clean your lashes, … Continue reading Aftercare NEEDS You