End of Summer Makeover

As the summer starts closing in, I started to think about all the activities we tend to do... and what they do to our hair. Pools, lakes, oceans, sun, camping (using cheap products if any when bathing/throwing up the hair), using those great salt sprays to dry out the beach waves, etc. Our hair tends … Continue reading End of Summer Makeover

More About Malibu C

I brought back my exceptionally educated & fellow hairstylist, Ann Deater to learn a little more about Malibu C after she blew my mind in my first post,┬áC Stands for: Change Your Hair Game! Ann has been in the hair game since 2002 and now owns Dharma Salon (@dharmasalon.anndeater) in Brighton, Michigan. She has worked … Continue reading More About Malibu C

C Stands for: Change Your Hair Game!

When most people hear someone mention "Malibu", they tend to think of a sunny vacation, rum or Miley song. When a hair industry professional hear the term, they think the haircare line. I have no shame in admitting I once thought, "oh, its just another line I am sure it is not that different from … Continue reading C Stands for: Change Your Hair Game!