Thank You, Joni Rae!

As I sit here typing, I try to think of the perfect words, the proper intro for this post… I think it’s best to just type from my heart. Anyone who knows me on a work level knows Joni Rae Russell is my industry icon. And this week, Joni Rae starts a new chapter. She’sContinue reading “Thank You, Joni Rae!”

5 Reasons Why I Celebrated #InternationalWomensDay

I will start off by admitting I never even knew this was a thing. But today not only did I participate but I celebrated the movement. I am writing this post at night because I have spent all day thinking of what this day even means. To me International Women’s Day is, celebrating the accomplishmentsContinue reading “5 Reasons Why I Celebrated #InternationalWomensDay”