5 Instagram Stats YOU Should Know

When it comes to Instagram, most people don’t understand the app itself let alone knowing how it can help with your business. I mean it’s just posting photos and using the pound sign with words, right? WRONG. Instagram is taking over when it comes to using social media with being a successful business. I doveContinue reading “5 Instagram Stats YOU Should Know”

Only Spend 20 Minutes a Day on Social Media

Many people struggle on social media because they get caught up in the scrolling and do not use their time to benefit themselves. People spend about 2 hours on social media daily… that is A LOT of time that can be spent on business planning or even with family. So what is the trick toContinue reading “Only Spend 20 Minutes a Day on Social Media”

4 Ways to Encourage Social Media Reach

When it comes to social media, the goal is a large reach. To achieve this you need your followers to engage on your accounts. Here are 4 ways to encourage followers to increase engagement and reach statistics on social media. Always encourage them to “like” or “double tap/heart” your posts. These things add up toContinue reading “4 Ways to Encourage Social Media Reach”