Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

Have you ever gone to fluff your lashes & notice your lashes are sticking? Before you contact your Lash Stylist, let's go over a few things... that are not Lash Stylist error when it comes to sticking. A good lash adhesive can be waterproof and oil resistant, like NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives! But it is not … Continue reading Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

Move On From Mascara

My number one reason for turning people to eyelash extensions is finally getting rid of that mascara they're piling on their lashes. Most people do not know how bad mascara actually is. It may make your eyes, well eye-catching. But it's not all good news with mascara. The most important thing to know about mascara … Continue reading Move On From Mascara

The Fate of Your Hair, With Sulfates

Any time you go to a salon the topic of sulfate free products is usually mentioned. Sulfates can also be identified as SLS/ALS or SLES as well. Sulfates are found in many shampoo and conditioners. They help to lift the grime, grease and sebum from your scalp and hair. But the sad news is that … Continue reading The Fate of Your Hair, With Sulfates