St. Patrick's Day is slowly on it's way here... That means you have to wear green or you will get the PINCH  from everyone you see. Some people just don't have green in their wardrobe. And that is okay. Some people just like to take it to the next level. I have some beauty related … Continue reading ARE YOU READY TO BE GREEN?

Fine & Thinning Hair? NO PROBLEM

Time to be transparent with everyone. I have fine hair and tend to not be the nicest to my hair. So when I am not in the mood to get out my hot tools and style my hair, I like to throw it up in a messy bun and go. There just happens to be … Continue reading Fine & Thinning Hair? NO PROBLEM

Prepare for the Bleach!

As summer approaches so do clients that want to be bright and blonde. Lighter hair is always a summer trend and to get there you want to start preparing for it in the spring. An important thing to know is being that beautiful blonde is an investment outside of just going to the salon. In … Continue reading Prepare for the Bleach!

Never Worry About Tangle Tears Again

When you are a mom you know the struggle of a tangle-prone child. It seems like they take a vacuum to their head while spraying glue into their hair. It hurts them, their screaming hurts your ears and head... it is not fun for anyone. Lucky for you, I have been tested through it all … Continue reading Never Worry About Tangle Tears Again