End of Summer Makeover

As the summer starts closing in, I started to think about all the activities we tend to do... and what they do to our hair. Pools, lakes, oceans, sun, camping (using cheap products if any when bathing/throwing up the hair), using those great salt sprays to dry out the beach waves, etc. Our hair tends … Continue reading End of Summer Makeover

Prepare for the Bleach!

As summer approaches so do clients that want to be bright and blonde. Lighter hair is always a summer trend and to get there you want to start preparing for it in the spring. An important thing to know is being that beautiful blonde is an investment outside of just going to the salon. In … Continue reading Prepare for the Bleach!

Save Water, Use Dry Shampoo

I've told you about dry shampoo. And when most people think about dry shampoo they think your typical aerosol. But let me tell you, there are many forms of dry shampoo. It's just another reason why I love R+Co products! One of the main reasons why I chose R+Co to retail at my salon is … Continue reading Save Water, Use Dry Shampoo

People Think I Am Crazy When I Say I Never Wash My Hair

Let's add a little detail, I wash my hair about 1-2 times every 2 weeks... that is 14 days. I have finer hair but a lot of it. Would you think it is even crazier if I said I have clients who go longer?  Our secret is dry shampoo! I cannot count how many people … Continue reading People Think I Am Crazy When I Say I Never Wash My Hair