1 Thing, Puts the Damper on Spring

Spring is here, and as all that dry, winter snow melts & the temperature rises... but the humidity is still lacking. So how does that put a damper on spring? Remember that lash cycle we've discussed before? (if you missed it, click here) That weather change to spring affects your lash cycle & it's completely … Continue reading 1 Thing, Puts the Damper on Spring

What is cleanLASH?

We already know my secret use of cleanLASH... the FINALIST for theĀ 2016 American Spa Professional Choice Awards, but what is the actual use for it? These circular specifically woven lint-free pads are specifically formulated for clients with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. Let's read it again... NOVALASH EYELASH EXTENSIONS. If your Lash Stylist is using other brands … Continue reading What is cleanLASH?

Retention Tips Straight From the Pros…

One thing I really love about working with Novalash is how encouraging all of the other lash artists are to each other. You don't get the catty comments but inspiration and mentoring. I learn something new every week from the amazing Novalash network. So I set out to see what some of their top tips … Continue reading Retention Tips Straight From the Pros…

Aftercare NEEDS You

So you have gotten your amazing eyelash extensions, you love them and feel confident. Every mirror you walk by you cannot help but to look at yourself. But now what?! Every brand has different aftercare rules. Some say no water, must use oil free products, sleep propped up, use strong chemicals to clean your lashes, … Continue reading Aftercare NEEDS You