Infill, Fill, Refill: What Does it Mean?

If you have read about eyelash extensions, you will come across the words: infill, fill, refill, fill in, restore, etc. So what do all of those words mean? After your full set of eyelash extensions you leave. You love how full they are. As your lash cycle continues... and you shed your natural lash the … Continue reading Infill, Fill, Refill: What Does it Mean?

Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone. But for most people they are for them and they fall in love after they take the plunge. Decide for yourself with the 5 types of people who get eyelash extensions: AU NATURAL- This woman uses the eyelash extensions as her only step to her beauty routine and … Continue reading Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

They Won How Many?

From a client stand point one thing that I find helpful in deciding brands is reviews but I also like to see if they have won any awards. Why? That means those companies back up that company or product. Many beauty industry communities have awards like Launch Pad and Behind the Chair. Novalash had the … Continue reading They Won How Many?