What’s Your Type?

So you're finally ready to get eyelash extensions. You've done your research and you get ready to make the phone call to book the appointment. You call to find out that there are actually choices of what you can choose. Some are tricky to understand so why don't we go over them... Party Lashes... aka … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

I Stand Behind My Brand, #itsnovalashornothing

Yesterday I went into a little detail of types of certification and what I would avoid as a professional who wants to perfect her craft of lash extensions. So today, I will describe the certification and beyond that I have done. To start off I had a set of lashes put on after I graduated … Continue reading I Stand Behind My Brand, #itsnovalashornothing

Online Videos, Hair Shows, Certifications… OH MY!

Over the past few months I have been really looking at certifications of eyelash extension companies and boy, have I learned a lot! I have already mentioned how you should ask your lash artist questions before you let them perform the service but let's go into¬† little more detail of it. Most reputable brands say … Continue reading Online Videos, Hair Shows, Certifications… OH MY!