How to Help Your Favorite Local Businesses

It is no secret that the pandemic has affected the global economy. Sadly, many local businesses have been hit the hardest. With some closing their doors, struggling to stay open or whatever their case may be... small businesses need YOUR help. So how can you help? There are many ways to help but today I … Continue reading How to Help Your Favorite Local Businesses

More About Malibu C

I brought back my exceptionally educated & fellow hairstylist, Ann Deater to learn a little more about Malibu C after she blew my mind in my first post,┬áC Stands for: Change Your Hair Game! Ann has been in the hair game since 2002 and now owns Dharma Salon (@dharmasalon.anndeater) in Brighton, Michigan. She has worked … Continue reading More About Malibu C

It’s Novalash or Nothing!!!

Time for a personal story... You get eyelash extensions you are told how great they look by the lash artist you go home. You get a few compliments about them. You notice there is some irritation but figure, "Hey, I probably am just sensitive". So you decide to go for a fill. You've read about … Continue reading It’s Novalash or Nothing!!!