More About Malibu C

I brought back my exceptionally educated & fellow hairstylist, Ann Deater to learn a little more about Malibu C after she blew my mind in my first post, C Stands for: Change Your Hair Game! Ann has been in the hair game since 2002 and now owns Dharma Salon (@dharmasalon.anndeater) in Brighton, Michigan. She has worked … Continue reading More About Malibu C

Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone. But for most people they are for them and they fall in love after they take the plunge. Decide for yourself with the 5 types of people who get eyelash extensions: AU NATURAL- This woman uses the eyelash extensions as her only step to her beauty routine and … Continue reading Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

Prepare for the Bleach!

As summer approaches so do clients that want to be bright and blonde. Lighter hair is always a summer trend and to get there you want to start preparing for it in the spring. An important thing to know is being that beautiful blonde is an investment outside of just going to the salon. In … Continue reading Prepare for the Bleach!

Forget Blonde Brass, Try These Tips…

Everyone loves a perfect blonde. Stylists love the challenge to make the perfect color while clients crave that perfect Hollywood look. I will get more into the time & work that goes into becoming a blonde  in another blog. Today I will be talking about the bad side of blondes... BRASS! To overview blondes for … Continue reading Forget Blonde Brass, Try These Tips…