What’s Your Type?

So you're finally ready to get eyelash extensions. You've done your research and you get ready to make the phone call to book the appointment. You call to find out that there are actually choices of what you can choose. Some are tricky to understand so why don't we go over them... Party Lashes... aka … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

Discover the Importance of the Aura

Do you ever go to an appointment and notice a small gadget somewhere with all these numbers on it? Good!  That means your Lash Artist cares and is avoiding any lash errors on their end with the adhesive curing incorrectly. One of the important things with lashes is the bond that you get with the … Continue reading Discover the Importance of the Aura

They Won How Many?

From a client stand point one thing that I find helpful in deciding brands is reviews but I also like to see if they have won any awards. Why? That means those companies back up that company or product. Many beauty industry communities have awards like Launch Pad and Behind the Chair. Novalash had the … Continue reading They Won How Many?