Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

NovaLash has so many amazing products to choose from when it comes to what clients have available to them. That is why choosing a place that carries retail is important. Brands create these products to specifically work with their other products to make sure clients stay happy and in love with their lashes. To make … Continue reading Top 10 NovaLash Retail Products

Move On From Mascara

My number one reason for turning people to eyelash extensions is finally getting rid of that mascara they're piling on their lashes. Most people do not know how bad mascara actually is. It may make your eyes, well eye-catching. But it's not all good news with mascara. The most important thing to know about mascara … Continue reading Move On From Mascara

What is cleanLASH?

We already know my secret use of cleanLASH... the FINALIST for the 2016 American Spa Professional Choice Awards, but what is the actual use for it? These circular specifically woven lint-free pads are specifically formulated for clients with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. Let's read it again... NOVALASH EYELASH EXTENSIONS. If your Lash Stylist is using other brands … Continue reading What is cleanLASH?

I Asked the Pros… Here’s What They Have to Say!

When a client comes in for eyelash extensions, some think they know everything & some go in blindly hoping it turns out well. The most important thing about getting eyelash extensions is to get educated by your Lash Artist. So you know what is going to happen during the service and what to expect after. I … Continue reading I Asked the Pros… Here’s What They Have to Say!