Gift Certificates

Eyelash extension services and product gift certificates available now!

Available for purchase in studio & via email/phone

“I love when I get a gift certificate for lashes! I get a lash nap and I look amazing after!
I ask for them on my Birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas now!” -Marla

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Call the Lash+doctor during Quarantine

Lash+doctor. Another safe, life changing product from NovaLash. And guess what? It’s Prostaglandin (hormone) free. And it is perfect for anyone who may be social distancing… AKA forced into a lash break. NovaLash Lash+doctor is made with a combination of natural plant extracts, plant peptides, multi-vitamins and conditioners. Let this doctor revitilize healthy, natural, and … Continue reading Call the Lash+doctor during Quarantine

The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Recently, there have been many articles circulating the internet about Demodex mites. Specifically these have been about how Demodex are associated with eyelash extension services. As a professional in the lash industry, I wanted to add some information to the Demodex conversation. Let’s begin with discussing the Demodex facts with lashes that are true: • … Continue reading The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex


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