Say Goodbye to Blonde, Brunette is Back

Now that summer is winding down it is time to break up the summer blonde. When fall starts it is always a good idea to tone down the blonde and turn more into the brunette side. There are many choices out there to do this. The first decision you have to make is whole head or just partial parts?

Do you want a whole new color from root to ends? Instead of just throwing on some permanent color and calling it a day remember how fragile your hair already is from being bleached. Professional hair stylists should always suggest you to use a demi-permanent color line. This type of color just deposits color without lifting. It is more gentle on the hair because most have lots of shine and conditioning ingredients.

Afraid to go the whole way? You can do a shadow root/color melt which is the darker color at your root and scalp area and the color blends into your blonde about 1.5-3 inches down, depending on what results you want. You can do the balayage look which is a darker root and pulling some pieces through with the dark color like low lights to break up the blonde at the ends. The third choice for this would be a low light service, which is a highlight with a darker color. Always consult thoroughly  with your stylist to make sure you do not go too dark. You will be surprised even with a lighter brown how much it can change-up the look of your blonde. Never be afraid to ask your stylist questions to make sure they are providing you with the service you want. If you are unsure I always suggest clients to start with a light shadow root to really decide if they are ready for the change.

Not really a blonde but want a change for fall? People with any color of hair can tweak their look for fall with any of those techniques mentioned above. If non blondes cannot decide they also have the option to also throw a few peek a boo highlights to see if the dimensional look is for them using a demi-permanent  color.

Skin color changes, wardrobe colors change when the leaves start to change so always be open to changing up your hair seasonally and talk with your stylist about the possibilities.

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Don’t Let Fall, Make You Fall Flat

With all of the beautiful color changes fall brings, it also brings cooler temperatures. With that comes less moisture in your hair. Which will make your hair go from fab to flat very quickly. There are many tips from the pros out there so here are a few of my pro tips:

Don’t over wash your hair. Daily washing is never recommended by hair stylists. We encourage you to use dry shampoo in between washes to allow your natural oils to do their job on your scalp. Also, make sure you don’t over condition your hair and weigh it down. Most people like to seasonally change-up their products, especially shampoo and conditioners. I recommend rotating between a hydration and a volume line.

Now that I have mentioned volume product lines be sure you are careful. I like to make sure my volume products have B5 as an ingredient. B5 will swell up your hair to give that full volume look without being too much of a hard sticky product like some lines. Some people are afraid of volume lines but if you select a reputable one and rotate it into your hair routine, I promise you will love it.

Use volume products like a root lifter then massage into scalp while your hair is damp. When blow drying your hair, flip your head upside down to get your volume without forcing it. When you go to round brush your hair use a ceramic brush instead of a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes are always recommended to smooth out your hair but with flat hair being the issue the ceramic is still good for your hair but has a nice pull to get the volume you want to achieve.

Use hot tools to create texture in your hair. Another option for volume is changing your part around. Once your part is set to one area over a period of time it will naturally get flat. When finishing your hair make sure you spray hairspray all over, not just the top of your head. Tilt your head and spray into the hair to get the hold you need.

If you are going the dry shampoo route you will want to spray it at your scalp, massage through with your fingers and then brush through. If you need extra lift put some mousse on your dry hair and brush through. Use your blow dryer quickly at your roots and scrunch your hair with your hands. Then, blow dry the mousse into your hair. If you feel your hair is starting to get dry, use a moisture serum on your ends. Switch to your hydration products for shampoo and conditioning for your next wash.

Always make note of amount of products you’re using. Some people need more than others because of hair length, type and condition of hair so you may need to play around with that. No one should know your hair better than you. You are the one styling it when you are not at the salon so the more knowledge you have to apply to your hair the healthier it will be!

These are just a few of the many tips out there. Do you have any tricks to turning flat into full? Let me know!

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