Lash Babe: November 2019

Every once in a while you meet someone and just CLICK! You get each other on multiple levels and instantly become each other’s biggest cheerleader. I was lucky enough this fall to meet one of those people.

This beautiful woman is so talented with lashing, has a crazy passion for being a lash educator and inspires me to keep learning about the lash business we are all trying to master. She is the definition of BOSS BABE. Let’s meet the Lash Babe for November.

Name: Tracey Rivera

Studio: Lashes by Tracey Ann LLC

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Social Media: @tannr1 (Instagram and Facebook)

Education: NMSU BA Degree in Psychology, NovaLash Classic, American Volume, and London Volume Certified.

Roles: New Mexico NovaLash Classic Eyelash Extension Educator. Owner of Lashes by Tracey Ann LLC.

Why did you choose NovaLash?

I chose NovaLash, because it is the most award-winning eyelash extension company in the world. NovaLash is a luxury brand that has been around for 16 years. Quality is very important to me. NovaLash extensions are perfect for any lifestyle and are instantly waterproof and oil resistant, making them perfect for all of my clients. NovaLash adhesives are produced and packaged in a FDA approved facility in the US. So I know where my adhesive is coming from and that it is safe. Our founder, Sophy Merszei is a cosmetic chemist and makes sure every product is medically safe for our clients. I don’t have to explain or hide anything from my clients, NovaLash is very open with professionals and clients!

What do you do outside of lashing?

Other professional activities I’m involved in are; working with other business owners. I’m very active in the community and promote other local businesses. I think it is crucial for a successful business to network and support others.

What are your lash goals?

My goal for 2020 is to become a Brand Ambassador for NovaLash. I have been working so hard every single day, to improve and well as produce nothing but the best. My hustle is my drive to achieving my my goals. Something I fully believe is, every day is a chance to become better than you were before. I strive to support and motivate as many lash professionals as I can.

What has been your favorite memory in your lash career so far?

My favorite memory in my lashing career would have to be; when I received the phone call from NovaLash, asking if I would like to become the trainer for New Mexico with Classic eyelash extensions. I cried and could not believe it. I flew out to Houston where our corporate office is, to train and get the NovaLash experience. While training I had the opportunity to meet everyone involved in the company. I also got to walk through the warehouse where the production and orders get mailed out. And actually talk to all of the corporate team. This experience has been so amazing for me. I am now a trainer for NovaLash and love it!

You can feel this girls true passion when she talks about her career and it really makes her stand out as a professional. I love watching her on social media cheering for everyone to achieve success while she works her booty off on her own business. It’s so inspiring to see the drive Tracey has. I can’t wait to see where her career and our friendship goes!

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The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Recently, there have been many articles circulating the internet about Demodex mites. Specifically these have been about how Demodex are associated with eyelash extension services. As a professional in the lash industry, I wanted to add some information to the Demodex conversation.

Let’s begin with discussing the Demodex facts with lashes that are true:
• It can be completely natural to have Demodex on your skin
• The issue with lashes is when there in an infestations of mites
• The mites borrow under the skin into the follicle and feed on sebaceous material that is produced inside hair follicle.
• One of the most important symptoms is that people with an overgrowth of mites have natural eyelashes that effortlessly slide right out of the follicle with almost no tension placed on the hairs themselves.
• Sparse, unhealthy, weak eyelash hair that slides out helps to distinguish between a mite infestation and other health conditions that can also cause itching, redness and irritation of the lash line.
• Demodex can be contagious like other forms of lice and jump from person to person
• Demodex is NOT a type of lice (lice and mites are two DIFFERENT animals)
• Bacterial build-up in the lashes could lead to lash mites developing

As these facts are true, there is some more information I think should be added. The two biggest factors relating to lash mites and eyelash extensions are: cleansing and adhesives.

The most important thing is the fact that if you have eyelash extensions, you must cleanse your lashes DAILY. If this is not done, a client puts themselves and other at risk for a variety of eye issues. Proper aftercare education from an educated, certified lash professional is key.

Another important part of the eyelash extension service is the brand of adhesive being used. There are many adhesives on the market and quality ingredients are important for not only safety for the client but how well it holds up for a client. Some cheaper quality ingredients cannot tolerate a proper cleansing aftercare routine. These adhesives are immediately stiff after drying and will crumble into a dust, causing the extensions to fall off. Many adhesive aftercare instructions suggest not to touch the extensions or expose them to water, oil or eye makeup removers after application.

NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives are instantly waterproof and oil resistant making it safe for clients to wear eyelash extensions while keeping their eyes from being infested with Demodex. NovaLash founder, Sophy Merszei states, “ NovaLash has an elastomer ingredient in the patent-pending Platinum Bond adhesives. With the rubberized-flexible ingredient, adhesives will tolerate scrubbing, wiping, shampooing, etc. Our non-cracking formula allows for normal, hygienic cleansing”.

Biologist and Cosmetic Chemist, Sophy Merszei

It is important for anyone taking a lash certification to look into the company before signing up to make sure they will be educated on proper safety and sanitation. Eyelash extensions are a service around the eye area… this requires detailed education that should be from a reputable and accredited company. Being properly educated on the science and health of eyelash extensions is not something that is required by a company, but should be throughly covered in training.

Clients should ALWAYS inquire about the lash artist’s experience and education before they make an appointment. I always suggest clients to ask to physically see the products being used on them every service as well as proof of certification. “Clients should always research the company and products being used on them. There is no reason why a lash artist cannot show you what products, especially adhesive they are using on a client”, says NovaLash Trainer, Brigitte Sargent.

While Demodex can happen to someone wearing eyelash extensions, proper aftercare and products are important factors to be aware of. Always ask for MSDS sheets for products whether you are a lash professional or a client wanting extensions. Educate yourself to make sure the best products are being used with lash services and ensuring cleansing is being done correctly to have healthy lashes!

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started to Lash

I love the lash industry. It has become a large part of who I am. I love to educate myself on every part of the industry. Looking back to when I became certified, I started thinking… I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. Not because I was trained incorrectly. Mainly, because I am that OCD, overachieving person who wants to be the best at something as soon as I even hear about it.

When it comes to a lash career, here are 5 things I was probably told but chose to ignore, that all NEW lash professionals should know:

  1. You will NOT learn everything in one day. Eyelash extensions are a rapidly growing industry. It takes time and multiple certification classes to become a leading Lash Artist. Outside of the training is also educating on the science, product knowledge, sanitation and safety… it’s a long list. So don’t expect to learn it all in one day!
  2. Muscle memory comes from practice. Muscle memory is the most important thing to understand with gaining speed. It will take you over 3 hours your first attempt. And it’s OKAY! Your muscle memory builds over time causing you less hand fatigue and faster application. It is important to be consistent when you start lashing to gain that muscle memory. So make sure you are practicing a full set, AT LEAST once a week.
  3. Being a Lash Stylist is not the most social career. Being an introvert this was appealing to me when I finally figured this out. But for some it is hard to understand. Now some lash studios have beds in a open area together so people are social but when applications are happening you want a quiet environment. You don’t want the client talking and moving around so you have to remind yourself not to be too chatty. This is how those bottom lashes sneak out. Some Lash Stylists also work in a room alone which limits their social time even more.
  4. Find mentors that support you. Going over the first three, leads me to this. Seek out mentors who will push you to be the best. And don’t just get one mentor, find many! Some mentors will “specialize” in guiding you on specific topics. I have a mentor for: understanding the science of lashes, business owning, specific technique, branding and marketing and more. Create a little network of lash bosses and reach out when you need help! Also, find where you “specialize” so you can continue the cycle by helping others in the future.
  5. It’s more than a technique, it becomes your life. Becoming a successful and branded Lash Stylist is not for the weak. It takes dedication and patience. It will become a part of you and you will become addicted to your love of the lash industry. It happens to all of us. Your free time becomes planning and education time, your clients and lash colleagues will become your friends and biggest supporters and lashing will become a large part of you life. It’s not a bad thing…

I didn’t realize when I took that class as something I would just learn for the salon I worked at as a little side thing, would turn into my full time career. I have learned so many things from so many professionals that I still continue to learn daily. And I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Which one do you think is most important for someone just leaving their first lash certification class? Do you have any additional advice? Let me know in the comments.

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