Are you a NEW GUEST to Color Pins Curls Beauty?

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Patch Test Consultation

(30 Minutes)

ALL NEW GUESTS are required to come for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation, 48 hours prior to any other lash service at CPC, aside from Patch Testing.

Consultations help to discuss the investment of lash extensions, guest expectations, studio policies and to go over Restore/Infill reservations.

Guests will bring in COMPLETED “Guest Intake” forms and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Patch Test of the products used during lash services is required for all lash guests, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Guest Intake

Every guest is REQUIRED to complete our Guest Intake forms, once a year. Forms must be completed prior to any lash services. No exceptions.

Forms include:

  • Guest Information
  • CPC Beauty Policies
  • Liability Waiver
  • COVID-19 Symptoms (this must be done prior to EVERY appointment)

Already have lashes on?

If you currently have eyelash extensions applied, we as that you ask your previous lash tech for the brand of lashes and lash adhesive used.

CPC Beauty CANNOT guarentee we will be able to complete a Restore (fill) service on guest. This requires an in-person assessment by the lash artist. If you have lash damage we may require a removal & full set.

Color Pins Curls Beauty WILL NOT service if there is existing lash damage from previous lash artist for clients safety. No exceptions.


Lash Services Pricing

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