Lash Services

CPC Beauty has trained with elite professionals all over the world.

We guarantee, customized luxury lash styling for every guest.

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Full Sets (2-3 Hours)

ALL full set lash service reservations will be made at the Patch Test Consultation. Must be 48 hours after consultation reservation.

  • Classic NovaMINX $175-200
    • 1 lash extension applied to 1 natural lash
  • American Volume $225-250
    • A mixture of 2-8 extension fans applied to 1 natural lash
  • London Volume $275-300
    • A mixture of 9-15 extension fans applied to 1 natural lash

CPCB note: second price includes: NovaLash Aftercare Kit with full set service. Aftercare Kits will NOT be discounted after guest completes service transaction.

Lash Restore/Infill (45-90 Minutes)

Restore service price is based on the amount of lashes being replaced. Lowest price listed is typically within 14 days of last reservation. Highest price is typically within 28 days of last reservation.

  • Classic $55-70
  • American Volume $65-80
  • London Volume $90-105

If guest needs more than 50% of lashes replaced, a FULL SET reservation will be required.

CPCB note: Make sure to follow all aftercare instructions. Not following instructions may lead to needing more lashes replaced.

Additional Lash Services (30+ Minutes)

  • Candied Lashes $30 for 6 / $50 for 10
    • Lash extension dipped in freeze dried crystals to dress up lashes for any occasion
  • Classic Bottom Lashes $30
    • Natural looking bottom lashes applied that can last up to 2 weeks
  • Volume Bottom Lashes $50
    • Extension fans applied to natural bottom lashes for a more glamorous and dramatic look
    • Last up to 2 weeks
  • Removal
    • Removals due to allergy/irritation/reaction will require a doctors note approving removal
    • Photo of lashes may be required before arrival
    • Email/text consultation required for pricing

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