Meet the Face Behind Color Pins Curls

Hi, I’m Jessica. I am 30-something single mom with a love of educating others in the beauty industry. I have held titles of being a Owner/Founder of two companies. But have also held titles of being a company Brand Ambassador, Brand Consultant, Digital Marketing Team Member, Social Media Specialist and Brand Ambassador Coach.

I have worked on in many areas in the beauty industry including: understanding consumers, product development, retail education, overall industry analysis, professional training analysis and science education (from the NovaLash founder herself, Sophy Merszei).

In my 10 years of being highly active in the industry- I have worked in small town salons, started my own private beauty studio and even worked corporately for a global company. I have been mentored and taught by some of the top industry leaders from all over the world. And I am ready to share that with all of you!

What is CBD + Why is it Important?

Advertisements CBD 101: 5 Myths about CBD CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a word that is popping up everywhere these days. After doing my own research and learning from top CBD industry experts, I started asking my friends and clients about CBD and what they knew. What I learned quickly, was that there are A LOT

CBD Articles YOU Should Bookmark!

Advertisements 5 Cannabidiol Articles Everyone Should Read CBD has grown tremendously over the past 2 years. As medical research has increased, so has the general public’s love of Cannabidiol. I collected 5 of the webpages/articles that I found to be helpful to anyone who has just started their CBD journey. (Don’t forget to read until

Types of Lash Fans Used on Clients (PRO Secrets!)

Advertisements Learn the differences between eyelash extension fans When it comes to volume lashing. A common topic discussed is which type of fan is the best. Depending on the professional and their experience in the industry- you will hear a variety of answers. Save or bookmark this infograph, breaking down the difference between:HANDMADE, PROMADE& PREMADE


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