Do I need an appointment?

Yes! Lash services are by appointment only.

What if I have questions prior to reservation?

It is suggested potential guests read over this page and our “Policies” to answer any questions. Further questions can be answered at the Patch Test Consultation or emailed to: colorpinscurlsbeauty@gmail.com and will be answered within 24 business hours.

I would like lashes for a special event. How soon in advance should I reserve my first appointment?

It is always best to reserve an appointment as soon as possible to ensure you get in before you need to. It is always suggested to book at least 1 month ahead to make sure you are ready to commit to the upkeep and have full lashes for the event.

Will eyelash extensions harm my natural lashes?

When applied correctly eyelash extensions will NOT harm or prevent your natural lashes from growing. Your natural lashes are on a cycle & it is different for each person. As your lash sheds the extension will fall out with them. The appointment should be relaxing and painless to transform your lashes. There are “professionals” out there with techniques and products including the adhesive used around your eye that do harm natural lashes or more, so be sure to avoid those salons as these methods can put tension on hair follicles and cause damage to future hair growth. Always ask for certification & research the brands they use. It doesn’t hurt to ask to see the adhesive being used to do your own research on it.

How should I arrive for appointment?

Please arrive in comfortable clothing and use rest room prior to arrival. Feel free to bring earbuds with you to listen to music or audio books while you take a lash nap. The less talking and distractions, the more lashes applied.

How often do I need to restore(infill) my lashes?

Infills vary from person to person based on their lash cycle and how well they take care of their lashes between visits. Work with your Lash Stylist to learn about yours and your best infill timing to ensure your best retention. Guests can reach a up to 4+ weeks between appointments.

Can you have eyelash extensions if you workout or swim?

Yes, NovaLash is so amazing they have made an adhesive that allows you to workout, swim and even do hot yoga with no damage to your lashes!  Water is actually part of the curing of the adhesive. NovaLash adhesives are oil resistant as well so don’t worry about drying out around your eye area with oil free products.

How do you remove eye makeup with NovaLash?

Get yourself the NovaLash Aftercare kit that includes cleanLASH pads. These pads can be cut in half. giving you 100. These pads remove all makeup while conditioning & cleansing your natural lashes! The pomegranate oil also helps balance your skin tone making your eye area feel bright and fresh. It is best to use at night.

Can I wear mascara?

You should not need mascara with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions because they thicken your lash line and lashes giving the look of wearing mascara. It is a guaranteed difference you will notice. NovaLash does offer a glycol-free mascara for in-between infills as natural lashes shed. It also is great for anyone with mascara sensitivity from other brands. Always apply mascara to extension tips ONLY.

I wear contacts and/or have sensitive eyes. Can I still get lash extensions?

Yes! Please remove contacts prior to service to avoid irritating eyes from having eyes closed during service. Our techniques ensure that the extensions are not glued to your eyelid or skin. We also have Sensitive Eyes adhesive for those with sensitive eyes who may be wary about trying eyelash extensions.

What do I need to know before I get them?

NovaLash adhesives have a rubberizing agent & cyanoacrylate ingredient and are medical grade. Making your lashes remain healthy. The extensions themselves are so lightweight you won’t even feel them! One of the reasons for having the patch test is to make sure the client is well informed of the service as to what will happens and what they need to know. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions to ensure your comfort during the process.

The other important thing to know is that eyelash extensions are an investment and require maintenance. When reviewing prices always remember you are paying for not only product quality but techniques and skill level. Lashes are an investment to the client as well as the lash stylist’s education. Please respect CPC Beauty and their time/pricing.

About NovaLash

Color Pins Curls Beauty always strives to educate clients while giving them exceptional and luxury services. When it comes to services around your eye area, We care about using top quality, safe products with the safest & most advanced techniques. NovaLash leads the path in all areas of the eyelash extension industry.

NovaLash products are made in the USA and are FDA approved and EPA tested. They are latex & formaldehyde free. NovaLash was the first company to go outside of Korea to create & distribute their AMAZING Platinum Bond adhesive. This fabulous company as well as their products have won multiple awards in the beauty industry making them very well known to clients and professionals.

NovaLash is the only permanent eyelash extension on the market with the proper technique. Always check for certification when getting NovaLash by checking out NovaLash.com & clicking on “Find A Stylist” for their certified stylist listing on their website to show clients their Lash Stylists that are up to their standards with proper sanitation and application technique. It really is NovaLash or Nothing!

Need more information? Check out: Novalash.com

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