Thank You, Joni Rae!

As I sit here typing, I try to think of the perfect words, the proper intro for this post… I think it’s best to just type from my heart. Anyone who knows me on a work level knows Joni Rae Russell is my industry icon. And this week, Joni Rae starts a new chapter. She’sContinue reading “Thank You, Joni Rae!”

Before You Say, “I Do!”

Sometimes I get off topic… today is one of those days. Planning a wedding is a huge task. I would know, I thought it was a good idea once. The one thing I remember is the amount of stress and time you put into planning one day. I like to tell people if you canContinue reading “Before You Say, “I Do!””

You call for your appointment, your stylist is GONE

Most people run into the situation when they go to make an appointment and are told their stylist is no longer there but instead they’ll offer a huge discount to try someone new… Let’s face it, business is business. You are going to get that. In my opinion those are the Dollar Debra’s who usuallyContinue reading “You call for your appointment, your stylist is GONE”