Thank You, Joni Rae!

As I sit here typing, I try to think of the perfect words, the proper intro for this post… I think it’s best to just type from my heart. Anyone who knows me on a work level knows Joni Rae Russell is my industry icon. And this week, Joni Rae starts a new chapter. She’sContinue reading “Thank You, Joni Rae!”

Find Out YOUR Face Shape Right Now!

A client’s face shape can affect how you choose what curl, length and diameter of lashes you apply during your lash appointments. Using certain lash styles can help correct issues with face shapes. While using certain lash styles can also make a client’s lash extensions look undesirable and a bit funky. An example is ifContinue reading “Find Out YOUR Face Shape Right Now!”

End of Summer Makeover

As the summer starts closing in, I started to think about all the activities we tend to do… and what they do to our hair. Pools, lakes, oceans, sun, camping (using cheap products if any when bathing/throwing up the hair), using those great salt sprays to dry out the beach waves, etc. Our hair tendsContinue reading “End of Summer Makeover”