Lash Client: Services Timeline

Eyelash extensions are an investment for anyone who receives them. Unfortunately, people do not always do their research. Some people think you have to be at your lash appointment every 10-14 days, depending on the week. Some are told 3 weeks... and then I tell my clients 4-6 weeks. But those are my angels who … Continue reading Lash Client: Services Timeline

Call the Lash+doctor during Quarantine

Lash+doctor. Another safe, life changing product from NovaLash. And guess what? It’s Prostaglandin (hormone) free. And it is perfect for anyone who may be social distancing... AKA forced into a lash break. NovaLash Lash+doctor is made with a combination of natural plant extracts, plant peptides, multi-vitamins and conditioners. Let this doctor revitilize healthy, natural, and … Continue reading Call the Lash+doctor during Quarantine

The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Recently, there have been many articles circulating the internet about Demodex mites. Specifically these have been about how Demodex are associated with eyelash extension services. As a professional in the lash industry, I wanted to add some information to the Demodex conversation. Let’s begin with discussing the Demodex facts with lashes that are true: • … Continue reading The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

MUST HAVE Eye Makeup from Summer 2019!

Trends are always changing. Especially with makeup. From colors to wear type you can really become overwhelmed and break your bank with no self control. What if I told you a little secret? I know a multi-collection of products that is not only for & available to professional makeup artists, but for all makeup lovers. … Continue reading MUST HAVE Eye Makeup from Summer 2019!