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My Mascara Frustrations Have Disappeared!

Advertisements Mascara is a popular staple for anyone who loves makeup and wants to bring focus to their eyes. There are so many brands out there to choose from. And everyone has their favorite brand. So, let’s talk about my journey to finding the ONE. I have sensitive eyes and try to avoid cosmetics that […]

The REAL Truth: Eyelash Extensions & Demodex

Advertisements There are always random times when specific topics come up in the beauty industry. Specifically, these have been about how Demodex are associated with eyelash extension services. As a professional in the lash industry, I wanted to add some information to the conversation. Let’s begin with discussing the Demodex facts, that are true: It […]

Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

Advertisements Have you ever gone to fluff your lashes & notice your lashes are sticking? Before you contact your Lash Stylist, let’s go over a few things… that are not Lash Stylist error when it comes to sticking. A good lash adhesive can be waterproof and oil resistant, like NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives! But it is […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Lash Artist

Advertisements 7 questions to ask a lash artist before you book an appointment. When it comes to the lash industry, there are not too many strict regulations. In fact, some people do not take training to learn the safety of lash extensions. And there is always the small group of YouTube education without proper licensing. […]

Lash Client: Services Timeline

Advertisements Eyelash extensions are an investment for anyone who receives them. Unfortunately, people do not always do their research. Some people think you have to be at your lash appointment every 10-14 days, depending on the week. Some are told 3 weeks… and then I tell my clients 4-6 weeks. But those are my angels […]