Did You Know These 10 Facts?

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, so you have have noticed green ribbons floating around. But do you know what this disease that has been around since before the 1980's is really about? Here are 10 facts you should know about Lyme disease: Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorrferi and a bite … Continue reading Did You Know These 10 Facts?

Can You Guess How Many?

NovaLash just celebrated 15 years of leading the industry in eyelash extensions. I will start by saying, NovaLash is the most awarded brand of eyelash extensions. So how many have they won? Let's see what awards NovaLash has brought back to Houston, Texas... I am only missing one award from Dermascope being the 2016 winner … Continue reading Can You Guess How Many?

Before You Say, “I Do!”

Sometimes I get off topic... today is one of those days. Planning a wedding is a huge task. I would know, I thought it was a good idea once. The one thing I remember is the amount of stress and time you put into planning one day. I like to tell people if you can … Continue reading Before You Say, “I Do!”

The Go-Getters Guide to Lash Extension Liners

Anyone who knows me and has watched "Parks and Recreation" would describe me as a Leslie Knope when it comes to NovaLash. I also have a passion for makeup. So when the two topics collide I tend to get very excited. Especially when it comes to most women's favorite sidekick, eyeliner. If you wear lash … Continue reading The Go-Getters Guide to Lash Extension Liners