Lash Babe of October

October brings another Lash Babe of the Month. This month I wanted to focus on featuring someone who I call my Lash BFF. This woman pushes me on my bad days, answers my late night and early morning phone calls, helps me when I need a little help with my other lash responsibilities and isContinue reading “Lash Babe of October”

Is The Light Worth the Hype?

To be short… yes, yes it is! NovaLash’s The Light was launched earlier this year and I have been in love with mine since the day it arrived! Now I already had a different brand of lighting that was similar to The Light, but with the amount of lashing I do my eyes would getContinue reading “Is The Light Worth the Hype?”

Diet & Lashes

Around seasonal allergy time, ESPECIALLY the fall round, clients may go for an infill appointment and it may be different. The client gets home and hours later realizes their eyes are ITCHY and may swell. After about 72 hours the client notices it has gone away… so what could it be? Contact dermatitis may be theContinue reading “Diet & Lashes”