Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!

Have you ever gone to fluff your lashes & notice your lashes are sticking? Before you contact your Lash Stylist, let’s go over a few things… that are not Lash Stylist error when it comes to sticking. A good lash adhesive can be waterproof and oil resistant, like NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives! But it is notContinue reading “Lashes STUCK? Here’s why!”

Different Lashes WITH Picture Assistance

I’m going to start by sharing a few pictures of different angles… This is to show you what all those types of lashes look like on. I took micro foam tape and put 5 single lashes that resembled what a natural lash actually looks like. Now I did I have to use some Platinum BondContinue reading “Different Lashes WITH Picture Assistance”

Top 10 Posts of the Year

The time of reflection has arrived as we get ready for 2020. I look back and really am proud of my 2019. I had ups and downs and learned A LOT! I thought it would be fun to look back at the TOP 10 POSTS of 2019 on Color Pins Curls. 10.) Is The LightContinue reading “Top 10 Posts of the Year”