What is CBD + Why is it Important?


CBD 101: 5 Myths about CBD

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a word that is popping up everywhere these days. After doing my own research and learning from top CBD industry experts, I started asking my friends and clients about CBD and what they knew.

What I learned quickly, was that there are A LOT of misconceptions about CBD going around. So I made a list of the top myths + misconceptions I came across during my own conversations to share with all of you reading.


CBD actually has MANY health benefits. The medical research has increased over time and now more studies are coming out stating that CBD is beneficial. From skincare benefits to anxiety and depression management to muscle relief… there are so many positive benefits. There is even a FDA approved drug for Epilepsy that doctors are prescribing.

Another thing, many people did not know was that we have an endocannabinoid system that helps out body maintain homeostasis. CBD receptors are a part of that system properly working.


CBD and THC are NOT the same thing. Both DO come from hemp plants, but they both have different benefits + side effects. CBD is actually non-psychoactive. Something I love to point out is that full spectrum CBD does contain both… BUT- the low THC level (under .3%) do not cause the psychoactive effects, especially with the higher MG of CBD.


Just like every other product out there- there is always good and bad. The FDA is currently NOT regulating CBD products. Some may contain: unknown ingredients, higher levels of THC (which you DON’T want), low levels of CBD labeled as higher… causing a lot of misinformation and bad experiences. Knowing where your products are coming from and trusting a reputable company is important for all CBD buyers.

Some companies also can provide you with their lab test results that can show you the amounts of THC and CBD in the products.


As of 2018, CBD is federally legal at the national government level. Though, some states do see it as illegal. It is important to know that CBD can be made from hemp or marijuana plant. With the latter not currently being federally legal. So, it is important to be up to date with your local state laws for cbd, hemp and marijuana to understand the full legal regulations before purchasing or offering cbd to others.

Make sure you do your own research with CBD. Don’t just listen to one person… find a bunch of reliable sources and combine the information.

Did you know that these were all myths? Which one surprised you the most? Comment below or share this link on your social accounts to educate your friends.

Keep your standards high!


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