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4 questions to ask your lash artist before you make your appointment (READ THE LAST ONE!)

The lash industry is not a highly regulated industry. Some states (in the US) do not require any licensing to offer lash extension services. Lash extensions are a beauty service done closely around the eye area. Clients should be aware of the health and safety of lashing because there are risks. And with most lash studios having waivers that protect them, CLIENTS SHOULD BE PROTECTING THEMSELVES!

Before you get lashes, you want to choose a properly trained lash artist. I made a list of 4 questions (with some details to listen for) to ask BEFORE you make a lash appointment, from a Master Lash Industry Expert POV. Ask these questions before you book your appointment, OR ask your lash artist at your next appointment!

  • What training/certifications do you have?
    • Most states require a cosmetology or esthetician license to preform lash services on clients. BUT, taking a lash certification is important. This is where you (should) learn the proper health and sanitation involved with lashing specifically. Though, not all trainings cover this very important topic. There are different levels of training as well. Look into these trainings, trainers that are claimed. Don’t just believe what you hear.
      • For example: I have taken certifications in: classic, volume and mega volume techniques. I have also trained at a corporate level with over 30 trainers from all over the world at events, trained with technique creators, worked directly with a cosmetic chemist/biologist who helped create the industry in the US and trained with over 60 lash artists in the US to create the collective technique I use with clients today.
  • What types of lash techniques/styles do you offer?
    • Techniques are how the lash artist works. Some lash with a glove method, some with tiles. You may hear the terms: handmade or promade fans… and you may hear they are using pre-mades/clusters. Avoid the latter if you want healthy lashes. It is important as a client to understand these terms for their own safety.
      • There are 3 main styles to understand with lash extensions. Classic, volume and mega volume. Classic is subtle. Volume is a little oomph. And mega volume is the full glam drama, that seems to be sweeping the nation.
  • What is your pricing?
  • Lash extensions prices can be a wide range of prices. I have seen full sets start at $45 and go up to $450(this is celebrity level). Prices are based on products, but also are highly based on experience of lash artist and the service itself. If you want experience be prepared to pay $200+ for a full set of volume lashes.
    • Clients should also be aware of those over charging without the skill. When it comes to the service, are you laying in a comfortable bed? Wearing undereye gel pads, serums? Having lashes primed or cleansed before your fill? Receiving add ons (like brow shaping. trying new services)? Scalp massage? Or are you just laying on a cold bed and being rushed out?
  • How often should I expect to return for fills?
    • This is the most important question to ask your lash artist. Because their answer will tell you a lot. With lash extensions a client should be able to go 3-4 weeks between fills and still have 40-50% of lashes remaining. Sometimes, it takes a few appointments to educate clients on proper aftercare. but if this goes on for months- it may be time to look into other lash artists.
      • It’s important for clients to understand that lashes are an investment, but your lash artist should also be invested in you… by making it so you can go once a month between appointments so you are not wasting your money.

Lashes are an investment, so be picky with who your choose! And make sure you are receiving safe services with quality products.

Have you ever thought about these or talked about them with your lash artist? Comment your thoughts below. And share this link on your socials to educate your friends!

Stay tuned for even more questions that clients should be asking their lash artists in the upcoming weeks.

Keep your standards high!


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