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5 Cannabidiol Articles Everyone Should Read

CBD has grown tremendously over the past 2 years. As medical research has increased, so has the general public’s love of Cannabidiol. I collected 5 of the webpages/articles that I found to be helpful to anyone who has just started their CBD journey. (Don’t forget to read until the end for product suggestions.)

2021 CBD Laws by State | CBD Awareness Project (cbdoil.org)

This page helps to explain the legality of CBD federally. And explains if CBD is legal in your state. Make sure you always understand your local laws with hemp products.

Top Benefits of Using CBD Topicals for Skin Care – CBD Clinical Trial

CBD topicals are a great introduction to CBD. With so many topical benefits you will want to make sure you try all the different benefits CBD has to offer.

CBD Oil: What are 9 Proven or Possible Health Benefits? (drugs.com)

Using CBD oil has changed lives of so many people. This article provides a great list of all of the benefits.

The Difference Between Topical and Oral CBD | cbdMD – cbdMD Blog

Read the differences between topical and oral CBD. Though I believe, when used together… that they make the perfect duo.

What Are the Benefits of CBD? – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Read more about the benefits of CBD from this great article from The New York Times.

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