Why Does Your Lash Artist Keep Talking About Oil?


What is the real difference between oil proof and oil resistant adhesives?

Lash adhesives can make or break your lashes. There are adhesives that last over a month- leaving you with full lashes the entire time. There are also adhesives that break down so quickly, your spending uneccessary money on frequent fills. A topic that clients should be educated about is the controversial, oil resistant vs. oil proof adhesives. This topic seems to be popular during the summertime with how the adhesive works with oils.

With oils, it’s important to remember there are both natural oils we produce and oils from products applied to the skin. Another important thing to remember, is that some ingredients (in oil based products), can break down adhesive more quickly than others.When researching different lash adhesives two oil-related terms you will often see are:


I describe the difference between the two terms using a modern day object. Think of oil-proof as being able to fully drop your phone into a bucket of oil and leave it there for a few months. Picking it up and it still works perfectly. When it comes to oil resistant, think of it like this: you drop your cell phone into that bucket and immediately remove it wipe it down. It still works fine.

There are adhesives that require a client to be “oil-free”. As humans, our skin produces natural oils. So these “oil-free adhesives” will break down quickly and pop right off your lashes. AKA, this is cheap stuff. And you probably do NOT want this around your eyes.

Your lash artist should be able to talk and educate you about the products around your eye. You should open your eyes to no fumes and eye irritation when you open and close your eyes. With the investment of lashes, lash artists should be using safe, quality products that LAST.

The best approach is communicate with your lash artist about their products and actually see the labels. Research the product and pay attention to how you feel when you open your eyes. Take the time to educate yourself. If you notice a difference, mention it! Sometimes brands will change formulas without telling the professionals. Especially during seasonal changes- TELL YOUR LASH ARTIST.. Your opinion and how a product makes you feel is important! (After your safety, of course).

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