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Who should you believe in the lash industry?

Due to the over saturation of lash supply companies- many new lash artists may be led astray from their passion of lashing and end up burning out. Many brands have started to use marketing strategies encouraging their professionals to be “brand exclusive”. They may enforce unrealistic rules to ensure this exclusive loyalty. Unfortunately, this can plateau a lash professionals career without them even knowing.

WHY? If companies are not providing continued education about the industry and business education topics and only encouraging brand exclusivity; their loyal “die-hards” tend to ignore other things being discussed within the industry. This will not only limit professionals, but also hold them back as the rest of the industry continues to work to update information to advance the industry. What was taught 6-12 years ago may not be the most accurate anymore. Look at how far the world in general has advanced in 10 years.

Remember, as the industry grows so does the amount of information available. The important thing is to make sure the information is not only true, but presented by a reputable industry expert with the passion to help the lash industry by being active. These experts are having the conversations to see what all the different opinions are among the community and can explain why some topics may need to be updated.

It is important to remember not everyone wants to help the industry succeed as a whole.

Like any industry, there are “experts” that will claim certain statements to promote a specific company as a marketing sales strategy. This is sometimes outdated or inaccurate information. It’s important to take in their reasoning of why they believe certain thing, especially if there is mixed opinions. If an expert is only discussing topics to promote one brand and disagree with every other brand’s products and beliefs- this is biased and they should only be considered an expert for the company they are promoting.

While there are those types of experts, there has been an increase in lash community experts that are open to discussions and may work for a brand. These are lash experts that are actively lashing clients to see for themselves and comparing the techniques and products. They are providing real advice that works because they studied this first hand and visually present you with the information. They do not avoid the overall discussions and will state that there are other brands out there just as good. Some of the best industry experts actually use more than one brand on their clients. Though I know a few brand owners who are loving watching each other succeed as an industry whole.

So, how should lash experts approach topics with multiple views?

“It is important for professionals and brands to reach out to medical professionals for more information. They should be aware there is a lack of studies specifically towards the lash industry, though. Most medical information in the lash industry is general medical knowledge and even medical professionals can disagree,” states lash industry expert Jena Cash, owner of SoCo Lashes.

She continues, “I believe it is important to also consider the factual experiences from reputable professionals as well. And then combine all the information with your own experiences. It is all about finding your tribe of mentors that want to help and educate you towards success (and correct information). Not just make a quick buck and have an uncertified customer service rep try to teach you by from their handbook.”

I personally, have found professionals who have started their own studies on topics because there is so much misinformation out there from marketing. I refer to my learning method in the industry as a collaboration of medical and lash professionals. Presenting all sides and evidence to come to the most beneficial conclusion for the industry as a whole. Without biased endorsements.

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