Are Eyelash Extensions for YOU in 2021?


Eyelash extensions may not be for everyone… but for most people, they’re life changing. They make your mornings easier, help draw the focus to your gorgeous eyes and give you a confidence you didn’t realize that you had.

Here are the 5 types of people who should consider lash extensions in 2021:

AU NATURAL- This woman uses the classic eyelash extension styles as her only step to her beauty routine and ditches everything else. She may not agree with beauty company beliefs, have makeup allergies and sensitivities, or she just may not be into makeup at all. But lashes add that attention to her eyes in all her photos.

REDHEADS & BLONDES- The real natural redheads and blonde beauties. This one is a little more obvious. Both natural hair colors will greatly benefit from extensions because their lashes are lacking color and they want to appear to always have mascara on that lasts all day. Dark lashes can change your whole look.

SPORTS & OUTDOORS- This type of woman who spends most of their free time with sports, working out and being outdoors. She can be found in the gym or running around with her active lifestyle. Eyelash extensions are low maintenance with quality products for a woman who fits this description. Not having to wear mascara with a hassle free beauty routine gives them more time for activities. Plus, they look cute in their gym selfies!

ALWAYS ON THE GO- These are typically your moms, public figures, and your women dedicated to spending any amount of hours dedicated to work. She is the woman who always would like to look put together, at all times. But she has no time for touching up throughout the day. Or, they may not always need to look put together completely but need to be ready for anything that can come up in a moments notice. If you fit this description- make your appointment NOW! You will thank yourself later.

ALWAYS PUT TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT- These are the women with a high maintenance beauty routine. They love a good amount of eye makeup and do not care about having an artificial look with lashes. These women love how the eyelash extensions give them fullness at their lash line to give the appearance she is already wearing eyeliner. Volume and drama for these divas.

MEN- Yes, that is correct! Men also get eyelash extensions for the same reasons as women do. Most men prefer brown lashes, instead of black. They also go longer between fills because they don’t require every lash to be lashed either to achieve a look that is more natural.

Do you fit any of these descriptions?

Have you tried lash extensions yet?

Share your experience below.

Keep your beauty standards high!


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