5 products every lash artist should be using in 2021

By: @colorpinscurls | colorpinscurls.com

When it comes to lash products- there are always new products being launched. With all the chaos of 2020, I took it upon myseld mid-lockdown to try new products. For this list, the products are not lashes, adhesives or tweezers, These are unique products- that you may have overlooked at one point. 

Here is my list of 5 products that I found in 2020 that I think all lash artists should try:

#5 – Revolashion | Promade Storage System 

Whether you like pre or pro made fans… they’re here + I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. With labeled rows you can practice making fans on these trays when you have some free time. These are also great for when you have time away from work to keep your muscle memory for lashing + not waste any lashes. 

#4 – Lash Eye Con |  The #1 Aesthetic Stylus Pen

Many lash professionals work alone + do not have access to a graphic designer. So when it comes to media editing… they rely on their phone or tablet. Fast forward after a few attempts + your fingers are hurting! That is where everyone needs a stylus pen. This tech accessory is a MUST HAVE! The cute branding is the cherry on top. 

#3 – Lashin’ Out | Crystal Heart Glue Holder

First of all… these are adorable. I always love cute branding. As someone who has changed their lash technique in 2020 + hates glue rings. These heart shaped wells hold lash adhesive so you can add a new drop every 20-30 minutes without touching other adhesive. This keeps your adhesive ready to lash. Have this palette logo facing you and use the bottom of the heart to snatch that lash fan base tight. 

#2 – SoCo Lashes | The Jena Lens

I think I have tried over 5 macro lenses. Maybe it was me- but, I couldn’t figure them out. There was always an issue. In 2019, my friend Jessica Bradley told me about this photo accessory. And in 2020, I met Jena Cash (the creator) + saw the difference. It is worth the purchase with the high quality of this lens for your phone (or tablet). If you are taking any close ups of your lash work- YOU NEED THIS! 

#1 – The Lash Collection |TLC Gel Pads 

This was my big find of 2020. I have used expensive and cheap gel pads and never found: THE ONE. Some require cutting because they don’t fit an eye shape. Some don’t stay in place…I just wanted a one gel pad fits all. THIS IS IT. I buy in bulk because I like to offer these to my clients for at home. They can place in the fridge to get cool and place on before an event or on one of those long nights. I would give these an award if I could. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? 

Stay tuned for individual product reviews here on, SociallyLashing.com. With video versions on YouTube. 

Tell me what products you want to see reviewed in 2021! 

DISCLAIMER: This article was written based on opinion and use of products. Socially Lashing is NOT an affiliate with any of the brands above. This is all based on product research + testing by Jessica Baird (colorpinscurls.com)

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