Why Every Brand Should Have a Color Scheme


Unify your brand across all digital platforms by using a color scheme.

A color scheme is the first step to a brands story. The study of how a color affects perceptions and behaviors is called, color psychology. And this dates all the way back to Egyptian times.

Believe it or not… colors can impact a consumers impression to purchase a product or attract them to your brand for purchases. People often make snap judgements based on the look of a brand based on colors alone.

If you want your business to stand out with your website, social media accounts, email campaigns, etc. Make sure you have a cohesive color scheme across every platform and stick to it. You want people to see a familiar color scheme and think, “oh that is that (insert company name)!”

Once you have a color scheme… KEEP IT. Some companies like to change things up, but by doing this you just confuse your viewers and make your branding unrecognizable. Having consistency gives off a strong identity for a brand to stand out and gain consumers trust and loyalty.

My two biggest tips for creating a color scheme are:

  • I always suggest anyone starting a business or brand to consult with a graphic artist (or designer) to help make sure that you choose colors that work together. This prevents you from choosing colors you may like or be subjective towards personally. You may not like yellow, but it may be the color your brand needs to catch the consumer’s eye.
  • When choosing your color scheme, look at your competitors. You DON’T want choose similar colors to your competition. This can look like copying and cause people to overlook what your brand offers. It also takes away from your brands originality. Even if it’s not on purpose- always know what your competition is doing.

Use these tips and work to really decide on what your brand should visually look like. Watch how quickly all of your digital work starts to come together. And see if anyone notices or makes a comment about it.

Do you have a color scheme? Want to get more in depth about color schemes? Let me know in the comments.

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Special thanks to Maryam Suliman, Creative Director Consultant for helping to educate the world about digital design branding tips that we can all apply to beauty industry businesses. Check out her stock images on Instagram: @designmushroom.dm

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