7 Instagram Holidays to Remember


September 2020: Social Media Marketing Holidays

Check out MY list of dates to remember when planning your September 2020 social media. I also included who these larger audiences are that you can reach with correct planning! Hashtag #colorpinscurls and @colorpinscurls on your Instagram and Facebook posts, so I can engage with you!


3- World Wildlife Day #worldwildlifeday

  • Anyone who enjoys wildlife

5- International Day of Charity #internationaldayofcharity

  • Anyone who believes in the act of charity

7- Labor Day #laborday

  • Americans and Canadians

12- National Video Game Day #videogamesday

  • Anyone who enjoys video games

21- International Day of Peace #dayofpeace

  • Anyone who promotes peace

29- National Coffee Day #nationalcoffeeday

  • Anyone who loves coffee

30- International Podcast Day #internationalpodcastday

  • Anyone who hosts or enjoys podcasts

Sep 19-Oct 4- Oktoberfest* #oktoberfest

  • Germans and fans of Oktoberfest

Sep 15-Oct 15-Hispanic Heritage Month #hispanicheritagemonth

  • People of hispanic heritage and others who want to learn more about hispanic heritage

*Though events are cancelled you can still relate content to these events. And discuss how people are unable to attend events. Always check before the event to see status during the pandemic. 

Did I forget any marketing holidays? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to tag me in your creative content!

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