Infill, Fill, Refill: What Does it Mean?


Keeping up on your lash extensions, after the full set service

If you have ever had or read about eyelash extensions, you will come across the words: infill, fill, refill, fill in, restore, etc. So what do all of those words mean? To make it simple, it’s the upkeep after the full set.

After your full set of eyelash extensions you leave, in love with your new lashes. As your lash cycle continues… and you shed your natural lash, the extension will also shed with it. On average most people will shed 3-5 natural lashes a day. If you see a lash extension on your pillow in the morning and see a natural lash attached to it, THIS IS NORMAL. Don’t worry just yet, your new baby lash will start to appear but won’t have the drama and fullness that it did with that wide, fluffy fan.

There is also aftercare to lash extensions. Should you NOT follow these rules. You will be back sooner for that fill appointment. Make sure you fully understand the aftercare rules and communicate with your lash artist.

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Fills are done before you get under replacing 50% of the lashes shed. With a proper infill, the lash artist will then go through and remove any lifted lashes and untangle any tangled lashes. They will then go through and apply new extensions on each available natural lash just like when you got the full set.

Fill time will vary from 30-90+ minutes depending on the amount of natural lashes needing to be lashed. I always suggest arriving with no eye makeup and clean lashes for maximum application time. Most clients get a little “lash nap” during fill services.

If your Lash Stylist noticed anything they should inform you as they notice, example: more lashes missing from one eye tends to happen from sleeping more on one side. Another common example is gaps from you subconsciously picking the extensions to cause premature shedding with natural lashes. Always ask to confirm you are doing the best to keep your lashes healthy!

Fills are also a time to try lash upgrades like trying American or London Volume techniques if you want a little more drama. You can always go back to Classic or American Volume if you upgrade for an event- with no problem to your natural lashes.

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How often do you go between your lash services? Comment below! Let’s see who makes it the longest.

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3 thoughts on “Infill, Fill, Refill: What Does it Mean?

  1. Kate Baxter says:

    Love NovaLash retention ! My clients got an extra week when I switched to NovaLash from another brand . In the long run , it is better value for my clients.

  2. Brigitte Sargent 🖤 says:

    This is exactly why I switched to Novalash… I had been doing lashes for a couple years with brand X and my clients were miserable… their eyes stung after, they had to wait 2 days to get them wet and they had to come in every 10-14 days for a fill
    Novalash’s Platinum Bond changed my lash game 110%


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