Mascara is a popular staple for anyone who loves makeup and wants to bring focus to their eyes. There are so many brands out there to choose from. And everyone has their favorite brand. So, let’s talk about my journey to finding the ONE.

I have sensitive eyes and try to avoid cosmetics that cause me to rub my eyes or pick at my natural lashes. I’ve tried mascaras that immediately irritated my eyes from tiny fibers. I’ve had the frustration of trying to remove mascara only to look like a raccoon and end up with irritated skin from attempting to remove it. And we all have experienced those clumps you can’t help but pick off. Let’s just sum this up by saying, I am picky with mascara.

After around 15 years of trying a variety of mascaras, I finally found the one for me. Mascara by NovaLash. This game changer was specifically formulated to be friendly on eyelash extensions but is quickly growing a fanbase for those who do not wear extensions.

With a rich, deep black color this amazing mascara is water soluble. This mascara is also healthy for your lashes! With a beeswax base, the mascara contains vitamins A, E, and C helping your natural lashes to not only grow but stay nourished & hydrated. I have never been happier after removing a mascara. It’s easily removed and doesn’t leave black residue behind on my lashes or skin!

Another feature I love about Mascara by NovaLash- make sure you’re sitting down for this one. It is actually CLUMP-FREE & doesn’t dry out or flake off during the day. So I don’t find myself rubbing my eyes as the day goes on like other brands I have tried in the past. I love that I don’t dread wearing mascara anymore.

Want to try it out? Find a local NovaLash professional near you. CPC Beauty (located in Howell, Michigan) offers these for a steal of only $26. Get yours today and join my new mascara obsession.

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