My Experience Getting Vitamin B12


Part 2 of 3: Vitamin B12 Experience

We previously covered the general information about Vitamin B12 injections, in my previous post. I have already pointed out I have tried these year ago… at least 3 years. I tried it because my friends were getting them.

I didn’t remember why I stopped or if they helped. So I made an appointment and decided to go visit Rachael Lappin at: Revival RN. After paperwork and confirming all of the information I had was correct, it was time to face that tiny little needle. Did I mention I am deathly afraid of needles?

Cleaning the area with alcohol, prior to injection

As she wiped my arm with alcohol to prep my relaxed arm. Rachael assured me, “We use tiny botox type needles because they are a lot smaller and less painful for patients”. She continued, “after we educate patients, they can sign our consent forms and are able to purchase the Vitamin B12 and take home. Our one request is that patients bring back the syringes (with the lids on) so we can safely dispose of the needles.”

Now, I know that most people would just continue to chat but that was a statement that made Rachael stand out. I am very big on proper sanitaiton and safety. Proper disposal of items like needles is so important. Sometimes people don’t think about it any may toss these needles in a community garbage can. This can lead to questions of what that needle was for (it’s the truth) or what if someone accidently touched the needle? This made me realize I was at the right place.

Fast and easy service- with great benefits? Stay tuned.

I felt my arm being pinched by her hand and after just a few seconds, Rachael was applying a band-aid. It was quick and easy. I didn’t even cry. I was suprised it was so quickly. She went over the steps of how to do it at home with me… twice. So I purchased 3 to-go! This way I could continue weekly B12 boosts and really see if there was a difference.

So did it work? Stay tuned! I’ll be giving my honest review of if the Vitamin B12 really helped me… or if I just wasted my money. Check back at the end of August to how I felt immediately after 1 injection, but also through the following 3 weeks. Maybe we have all been missing out on these gifts from the vitamin angels.

What do you think about B12? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are!

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