7 Questions to Ask Your Lash Artist


7 questions to ask a lash artist before you book an appointment.

When it comes to the lash industry, there are not too many strict regulations. In fact, some people do not take training to learn the safety of lash extensions. And there is always the small group of YouTube education without proper licensing.

Lash extensions are a service around the eye area- there are risks. That is why it’s important all lash extension clients feel safe before a lash service. With the lash artist and their products. I always encourage my guests to ask as many questions as they can. I even will suggest them to ask me specific questions.

Here are 7 questions to ask your lash artist- if you don’t know the answers.

  • What is the proper aftercare?

Most Lash Artists will send you home with a sheet of aftercare rules and/or tips. Some will list the information on their website. And all of them should be providing you information via social media. Every lash product company has different aftercare rules so do not go off of what you may have previously been told.

This is mainly related to the adhesive being used. Some cannot get wet for 24-48 hours, some cannot have oil products used around the eye area (sounds drying to me!), while all adhesives should require brushing and cleansing lashing daily.

I offer many “situational” tips to my clients. For example: NovaLash adhesives love water, so I make sure lash guests know to get them wet in the shower. Some people avoid getting water around their eyes!

  • What type of adhesive is used?

There are quite a lot of adhesives out there so you want to know what is going to be around your eye. Some brands have multiple glue choices to help with the lash artist’s application speed. But some are made for sensitive skin or eyes. If you have had a bad lash experience and go to the doctor, you will probably be told you are allergic.

Some people are allergic to an ingredient in the adhesive. That is why it is important to know what adhesive is being used. Adhesives are also created differently, so not all are the same. I always suggest patch testing 24-48 hours prior to a full set.

  • Is formaldehyde in the bottle of adhesive or can it be formed after opening?

There are lash adhesives out there that do not have any traces of formaldehyde in them upon arrival from distributor. Formaldehyde is a very bad organic compound that is cancer causing. Large amounts can be found in some adhesives during the packaging process.

If your lash artist is unsure or you are not confident in their answer contact the company before you have service done. Companies have MSDS and other testing information you can request.

  • What if I have a reaction?

Lash artist are NOT doctors. They should not offer medical advice or suggest any medications other than to see a doctor. Irritation and allergic reactions are two very different things. We will discuss that topic a little later, don’t worry.

If removal is involved a lash artist may request a doctors note. Removals involving chemicals could cause more irritation so it is always best to wait for when it is appropriate to do so. If a doctor suggests to wait until the symptoms resolve- listen to them!

  • How do I remove the extensions?

Never try a removal process at home! Or from an unqualified professional. Every brand has a different removal method so it is always a good idea to know even before you get them applied what the removal is. If you do not feel comfortable with the lash artist that applied the extensions, make sure you research your options.

  • How often do I need a fill?

These answers will range from 1-4+ weeks. Every brand is different for a suggested fill and how many lashes they should apply or how much time should be spent for the amount missing to be full. Ask them to go into detail so you understand the process and pricing.

Keep in mind the at home aftercare is 85% YOU (the client) and 15% the technique. If you are not following the aftercare- you will not reach the maximum time between fills. At CPC we have guests that return at 2.5 weeks, aware they do not use proper aftercare and sleep on their cotton pillow face down. We also have clients that go 4-5 weeks with 50% of their lashes still attached.

  • How does the room sanitation work?

The professional should be able to tell you all the cleaning they have to do before and after the service in detail. From timing to products used. Cleanliness is number one when it is around your eye.

This is especially important during a pandemic. Do not hesitate to look up local sanitation requirements. Always follow any sanitation rules a business requires anyone inside of the business to abide by. Sometimes these rules may not be what the business believes but they must follow to stay open.

Be confident in the person you choose as your lash artist. You are paying for luxury services that should be safe and make your life easier. Always ask questions and educate yourself on the professional and brand you choose.

Have you thought about these 7 questions? Or asked about them? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.

Keep your standards high! oxox


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