It is no secret that the pandemic has affected the global economy. Sadly, many local businesses have been hit the hardest. With some closing their doors, struggling to stay open or whatever their case may be… small businesses need YOUR help.

So how can you help? There are many ways to help but today I want to discuss supporting a business through referrals. Referrals are when you tell another individual about a business and they then go purchase a product or service from that business.

Most service-based businesses offer a referral program. For example, CPC Beauty, offers half off the next infill (up to $52.50 off) if a new lash guest mentions who referred them on Guest Intake Forms. This not only supports my business growing but also thanks the people supporting CPC Beauty. Never hesitate to ask about referral programs.

So, how do you encourage referrals? There are many different ways. Here are a few ways:

  • Share their posts on your social media
  • Engage on their social media to share how much you love a product or service they post about
  • Take photos while you are at the business or after you receive services and post on your social media
  • Tag them in your local mom groups when people ask for referrals and EXPLAIN why they should go there
  • Review them on their preferred review sites like: Yelp, Google, Facebook, Gloss Genius, etc.
  • Verbally share your love of the business with your friends. Or if someone compliments you on something related to the business.
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Knowing you support your local businesses not only mean a lot to the owners and employees- but it also keeps the business going during these hard times.

Support your local community by sharing the love.

Do you have favorite Michigan small businesses that you love? Tell me the business name and location so I can follow them on my social media accounts and share some love and shout you out!

Keep your beauty standard high!



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